Nick ♥ Verity | Adelaide Oval Wedding Photography

Nick and Verity | Adelaide Oval Wedding Photography

Once again, congratulations to Nick and Verity. It has been an amazing two weeks after the wedding of these beautiful lovebirds. This is such a wonderful wedding and they are a very easy wedding couple to work with (including the full bridal party). Coincidentally, this is our third consecutive blog post with groom's name "Nic(k)". 

Pre Wedding Photography Meeting - During our pre wedding meeting, we discussed and shared lots of photography ideas for their wedding. We even met up with Kim from the Adelaide Oval for a tour around the Oval before their wedding day. It's actually my second time inside the Adelaide Oval and I was super excited. My first time there was for the celebration of my wife's birthday (I won't mention her age here). As wedding photographers, we sometimes get a list of suggested wedding photos from our brides and grooms, but this time, it is the Adelaide Oval that provided me with pages of photos. I am very impressed with their service. I was pumped and inspired by all the ideas we went through for the wedding photography. 

Actual Wedding Day - It was supposed to be a sunny hot day but it turned out to be a cloudy day with a tiny bit of drizzling. It was just perfect! I felt honoured to have clients that trust my (photography) eyes inspired by crazy ideas. The 14 hours of wedding photography coverage past so quickly with great enjoyment. Most importantly, my tummy is satisfied. The food here is great. A full tummy had given me the energy and strength to think out of the box. Sometimes wedding photographers are only fed with passion and vision. I, however, was fed with awesome nice food. 14 hours of straight on work is not as easy as what most people think. The exhaustion is extreme (most wedding photographers would know). My creative ideas were pouring and I tested a few shots before getting my bride and groom to do the things i wanted. It was just fabulous to have a couple that trusted in me 100% and still keen to do more photos especially the last couple of hours of their reception. I'm not usually the bossy type but when I see the opportunity that is too good to be missed, I would often suggest to my clients for some creative shots.

Which is your favourite photo from this wedding? Add a comment on our blog post. Personally, I have more than one favourite wedding photos. I hope these creative wedding photographs taken in the Adelaide Oval can set to inspire wedding photographers in Adelaide and around the world!

The wedding photos below are just a section of the full wedding photographs. Enjoy!

PS: The wedding olive bomboniere was FANTASTIC! definitely one of the best I had. 

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