Luke ♥ Rebecca | Alru Farm Wedding Photography

Luke ♥ Rebecca | Alru Farm Wedding Photography

Congratulations to Luke and Rebecca for tying the knot in Alru Farm, One Tree Hill Adelaide. We can't ask for a more perfect weather. It has been a long wait for us to photograph the beautiful wedding of Luke and Rebecca. They have secured our wedding photography service more than a year ago. Scott Goh Photography would like to take this perfect opportunity to thank Luke and Rebecca for allowing us to be a part of their wonderful wedding day. They have chosen Sebastian our Adelaide wedding photographer to capture their memorable day.

Grooms Preparation

In the morning, the lucky groomsmen had their tummy filled with the delicious food prepared by "Chef Luke". It was Sebastian's first time photographing a (pet) snake within a wedding environment. The experience was interesting and unique. The boys and Sebastian had fun with their photo shoot in the garage with some cool beers!

PS: Wooden wedding ring box is an awesome idea. I know this local Etsy seller that makes round personalised wooden ring box that is ideal for wedding. Check them out.

Bride Preparation

The bridesmaids' dresses matched well with the colours of the bouquets. The girls started the lovely day with a glass of champagne each. Every one of them is filled with such superb energy making the wedding photography so easy and relax.

Alru Farm- The ADELAIDE WEDDING venue

Alru (Al-ru or Al ru) farm is a fantastic Adelaide wedding venue for both ceremony and reception. This time of the year, the garden is bloomed with colourful flowers. We are blessed with the most beautiful and charming bridal party. The ceremony was filled with lots of emotions. Sebastian himself was very touched too. The reception was held on the outdoor lawn of the Alru house. The food served was fabulous. 

Last but not least, do not forget to check out their awesome dance moves in their awesome Nike shoes.

We hope that you will enjoy and re-live the wedding day through the wedding photos. These photos are just a glimpse of the full wedding photos. This awesome couple will receive the full set of their wedding photos in the weeks to come.

If you are looking for an Adelaide Wedding Photographer, feel free to consider our service. 

Ciao for now. Scott

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