(How To) Photoshop Wedding photos - Merge photos

(How To) Photoshop Wedding photos - Merge photos As a professional photographer, knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop is very useful. Unfortunately, knowing photoshop is not one of the requirement to be a good photographer. Photo editing process does not stop after the finish of each photo session.

Wedding is tiring and very fast pace. Often, important people might just happen not to be around at the same time for a photo. I was asked by the mother of a recent bride to photoshop merge a couple of photos into a single family portrait. One of my photo principles is to ensure that the images that clients received do not look "Photoshopped"/fake.

Photo below: This is the outcome of the first image that was asked. I am very pleased with the result.

Before I agreed on the task, I spent some time looking through the photos that were taken during the wedding. I look for 1. individual expressions 2. lighting 3. angle where photos are taken. In all photoshop work, there will be one single background photo to start with.

I don't take easy way out. I want the best outcome as I understand that there is a chance that these photos will printed and hung onto someone's wall.

Photo below: This is the base photo which is the background. This photo contains the Groom, Bride, Mum and Dad (Both on the right of the couple). I will need to remove the Groom's parents from this photo. I love the expressions except corrections on the Groom's eye.


Photo below: These are the eyes of the groom that will be used. The image of the bride sister is a good potential to be used. Also, you can see that sister's gown (bottom left) needs to be either covered or photoshop. Initially, I thought of using the image of the bride's brother here but he will be the only person standing in the second row. So I prefer him to be standing in front as well. Finally, only the eyes from the groom is selected from this photo.

Photo below: This is the photo of the sister that I will use. Good full body.

Photo below: This is the photo of the brother that I will use. Good full body photo. Can't complain much about this.

Photo below: Next, I actually selected a photo of the nephew standing but decided not to go for it as the lighting and colour don't match with this series. Looking through all the photos again of the nephew, he was quite agitated and was not very pleased in front of my camera. All the photos of the nephew in this series were being carried by the mum (bride's mum) . However, nearly all the photos, the photos of mum (bride's mum) carrying nephew were nearly half face covered. Finally, I decided to take the photo of the nephew and photoshop him into the arms of the existing image of mum standing. It works!

Photo below: Final correction are made to adjust for a better expression on the nephew's face. This is the expression that i used.

That's it. :)

Please only use original licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop. I am using the latest CS6 version which can be puchased directly from Adobe on this link.

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