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Meet Kayden | 3 weeks old | Newborn Photography | Adelaide Newborn Photography

Let us welcome Kayden as our 2013 first newborn baby. He is 3 weeks old. Handsome little Kayden was born late last year.

After Nicole has engaged in our newborn photography service, I have added her as a friend on Facebook. Since, I have been following Kayden's journey in his early life. I am excited to meet Kayden in person.

It is January and it is hot summer in Adelaide. Few days back, the thermometer hit 45deg. Luckily, the weather on the day was only 28deg.Therefore, we can easily keep baby Kayden cool. It's very important to keep baby happy with the appropriate temperature.  On our way over, we missed the first turn and went through the longer way to reach our destination. We arrived on time and got there eventually. Initially, baby Kayden was unsettled as he does not like to be naked. Fortunately, Nicole (Mum) was really patient and able to calm him down very quickly.

With a few feeds, pee and poo in between, we made it! We managed to capture a few shots of him asleep. Well done mum! Dad on the other hand found a spider behind the TV. After some effort, he successfully eliminated the creepy crawler. We enjoyed the day very much and I will continue to follow the story of Kayden through Facebook.

Meet Kayden and say "Hello" to this little cutie.


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