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Congratulations to Matt and Alana | Adelaide Wedding Photography

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Matt and Alana... Adelaide Wedding Photography 

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This wedding has been a personal challenge for me. It's my first wedding as a "Father". My baby is born 2 days before this wedding. Part of me is still exhausted by the birth experience, the other part of me is excited about this wedding that I have prepared and waiting for a while.

I met Matt and Alana about a year ago. Matt works overseas while Alana stays in Adelaide. My wife and I had such experiences being apart for a couple of years. It is tough to maintain long distance relationship. Thumbs up to Matt and Alana.

Temperature was pretty decent on the day but the guys' suits really make them sweat. By night, the weather is just pleasant.

(Switch) During the day, I do miss my newborn baby... (Switch)

Reception is held in their parents' place. The place is HUGE! I so love it.

Below is a list of suppliers that are part of this fantastic wedding. Thank you for sharing.

  • Dress – forever yours
  • Suit – Kenneth Blake
  • Flowers – Lindsay Baldwin
  • Cake/Wedding favours – Swish Ice Cakes
  • Hair – Corey Warren, Makeup – Make me up Marley
  • Shoes – Zu
  • Wedding Car – In Vogue Limousines
  • Catering – Melt Gourmet

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Blessing to the new couple.

Scott Goh |Adelaide Wedding Photography

I so love the light from the above photo. It makes them felt like angels.