(Before and After) Wedding portrait using the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra

(Before and After) Wedding Portrait using the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra

As promised, here's a couple of photographs from the Wedding portrait held last Saturday. I intentionally took photos with and without flash to show ;

1. How harsh the sun is.

2. How good is it to have the flash on.

The heat

I have to admit that I often get overheated after a day of summer wedding. In this wedding, I went home after the first hour of reception. When I reached home at about 9pm, had my dinner, I have to had 2 panadols and went straight to bed. I had tried my best to stay out of the sun but the heat must have got into me. I already had more than 3 litres of water during the whole wedding and my body still can't cope well with the heat (annoying!).

Wedding Portrait with Elinchrom Ranger Quadra

I started using the flash in the portraits in the groom's place. Used it for the bride's and the bridal portrait session too. I am very impressed with the lightweight of the Quadra flash unit. I bought along with me the manfrotto tripod to hold the flash head. There is this once that the flash unit did not fire when it was behind a big tree, out of the sight from the skyport. The bridal party was happily smiling for me and I realised that the Quadra was not firing! Annoying x 2.

At the end of the wedding, the battery is still at 75% full.

Below is the photograph without the flash.

Wedding portrait
Wedding portrait

Here is the photograph with the flash used.  Which do you prefer?

Wedding portrait with quadra
Wedding portrait with quadra

Here is a link to the facebook page containing the album of the beautiful wedding of this couple.

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