Nic ♥ Yoyo | Pre-Wedding Photography | Kangaroo Island

Nic and Yoyo | Pre-Wedding Photography | Kangaroo Island

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Let's talk about Pre Wedding Photo Session. There were initially created due to the a full on wedding day and some couples do not want their guests to be waiting around when they are doing the post ceremony photos. However, in most cases now it's popular because it's fun and with the great images to showcase at your own wedding is just fantastic!

I have many clients from overseas who come to Adelaide to have their pre wedding photography done. Adelaide is famous for churches and wineries. These beautiful places make great backgrounds for the images.

Nic and Yoyo have been in Adelaide for a while therefore they are after something different and unique.

I have always wanted to photograph in Kangaroo Island as the sceneries there is just fascinating. 

Nic, Yoyo and their family arrived at Kangaroo a little bit earlier as they were there for a holiday. I joined them later and we stayed at Sea Dragon Lodge. The views are just spectacular.

We visited some incredible places like the Admiral Arch, Remarkable Rocks and Little Sahara.

Nic and Yoyo enjoyed the photo session very much. We had lots of fun. We have the also the opportunity to do some night portrait there. The sky was clear and stars showed up nicely on my images. One of our night portrait from this session actually won an award from a recent competition by AG|WPJA.

I was there for a little bit more than 24hrs, I just fell in love with Kangaroo Island. I will definitely be going back there for more photo sessions.

For those who have any location ideas/ holiday plans (interstate/overseas) and would like their Pre Wedding Photo session done by one of our photographers, please feel free to contact us via our Scott Goh Photography website.

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