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Scott Goh, Adelaide wedding photographer, South Austrralia


If you are looking for a highly creative wedding photographer for your special day, you have come to the right place.

We aim to take your wedding memories to the next level.

Australia wide National Level - We are again proud to achieve 1 GOLD award and 1 Silver with Distinction being our first time entrance into the 2016 APPA print competition. Less than 1% of the prints get GOLD in the wedding category and we are delighted to acheive this remarkable standard.

South Australia State Level - We are proud to annouce that we have received awards for all 4 images that we submitted in the recent 2016 SAPPA print competition. Here are our recent winning photos.


Signature Masterpiece

The Signature Masterpiece is one of our most popular Adelaide wedding photography edit. We pay attention to the correct lighting, posing and techniques. In post processing, our Adelaide wedding photographers team uses professional wedding photography software to enhance the images. This Signature Masterpiece edit is exclusive to Scott Goh Photography (One of the best Adelaide wedding photographers)

Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Video - Before and After

Above video is an example of our Signature Masterpiece Edit. The differences have been clearly shown by the before and after image. Only the best Adelaide Wedding Photographers  has such unique edit that just brought out the best of this image. View in Youtube for the HD version.


One of our Adelaide wedding photography speciality is definitely photos of the RINGS. We appreciate the significance of these rings and therefore strive to produce such beautiful images of them.


Another unique speciality that we offer is definitely images of the BRIDE. We believe that every woman is beautiful in their own ways, especially on their wedding day. Our Adelaide wedding photographers are experienced in posing and will provide advice if you need them.

Member of the Wedding Photojournalistic Association (WPJA) and Artistic Guild of WPJA International

Scott Goh is proud to be the only Adelaide wedding photographer who is a member in both the Wedding Photojournalistic Association (WPJA) and the Artistic Guild of WPJA since acceptance into the association in late 2013. Being a photojournalistic wedding photographer in Adelaide, he captures candid moments, emotions and records the special day to tell a story.

In 2013, Scott is named the Top 50 wedding photographers in the Artistic Guild of the WPJA International. Scott's photos won numerous awards in the WPJA and Artistic Guild's quarterly international competition.

Scott Goh Photography document emotions, actions and details. Our style is natural. It captures the candid moments and creates long lasting memories for your Adelaide Wedding.

Documenting the Details

Below are some of the many items that we captured in Adelaide wedding photography. Wedding dress, flowers, shoes to cakes are part of the many details of your wedding photos that we attempt to capture. We believe that photos of these details are what any Adelaide wedding photographers should do which is however not the case. 

Capturing the Emotions

Below are some of the many expression that Scott captured in a wedding. Weddings are filled with all sorts of expressions, from laughters to happy tears. Scott Goh Photography try our best to anticipate and capture as much emotions in the photos that tell a story to all Adelaide wedding photos.

Freezing the Actions

Below are some of the many actions in time that captured by Scott Goh Photography, the best Adelaide Wedding Photographers.

Theme Weddings - Extreme Fun

For those who are after something different or who have an idea of any kind, let us know and we can make it happen. Being one of the best Adelaide wedding photographers, we love creativity and new ideas. We are here to be different and to impress. 

theme wedding - Harry Potter

Harry Potter theme wedding is a dream fantasy of many brides and grooms.

Our photoshop skill is possible to make sure theme wedding a reality. 



Adventurous Wedding Portrait


I will protect you forever

This image is just amazing with Gundam in the background. It is such a romantic image.

Interesting Wedding Portrait

The Dino

Run for your lives

The Dino is just a classic example of the extreme. Many of our clients have interesting ideas for their bridal portrait, they want something different rather than the traditional standing in line photo. The Dino has also been awarded a silver award by the AIPP in 2014.

Creative Wedding Portrait

Star wars

bring it on

For star wars lovers, this is just extraordinary! If you have something like this in mind, why not contact us to see if we can make it come true?


Scott Goh Photography is honoured to be the named the TOP 50 wedding photographers by the Wedding PhotoJournalistic Association (WPJA) in 2013. Scott is the only professional photographer who is a member of the WPJA from South Australia.

Scott Goh Photography has two Professional wedding photographers. Scott being the principle photographer is also an International Award winning photographer who has won multiple awards. We also have another Adelaide wedding photographer, Chun. He is creative, friendly and easy to work with. At Scott Goh Photography, we create images that have that wow factor. We are very particular and we pay attention to details to make your Adelaide wedding photography a success.

We are the Best, Creative and Fun Adelaide Wedding Photographers capturing beautiful memories for amazing couples in the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Interstates and Destinations weddings too. We are very experienced in Adelaide Wedding Photography. We service Adelaide metropolitan areas and regional South Australia.

Scott Goh Photography offers a great range of wedding photography packages. If you have something special in mind for your Adelaide wedding photography, we will arrange a meeting and work with you to make your Adelaide wedding photography a great experience. We are also one of Adelaide's most prestigious, fun, loving wedding photographers.

We also offer 3 different edits (see below) to give you a great variety of images. We use only professional equipment to ensure that the images that we produce are high in standards. Being one of best Adelaide wedding photography business, we ensure that we have adequate back up. These include multiple cameras and lenses, and more importantly, high-tech back up system to store all the images from your special day.

As we are skilled in Photoshop, we are willing to spend the extra time in editing and provide wedding clients a more unique wedding experiences with Scott Goh Photography.


Our Colour Edit 

All our colour images are edited to last the time test. This is Scott's favourite as it's very original.


Our Black and White Edit

Our B&W photos are part of an overall edit with creates a low key focus with just Black and White.

Our Artistic / Vintage Edit

Our Artistic / Vintage Edit varies across all weddings. We attempt to create an edit style that suits the mood of each weddings.

Wedding Night Portrait Photography

Night photography is often the most challenging aspect of photography. The art of combining wedding portrait and the night sky create the most special portrait. Night photography does not only limit to the sky, we have clients who use fairy lights, candles, sparkles and what ever you can think of to produce an effective image! Wedding night portrait photography is becoming more and more popular especially when your wedding day is very busy and do not have much time between the wedding ceremony and the start of the wedding reception.

My clients often tell me that they would like to go and get some fresh air or have a relaxing time together during the reception. I often use this opportunity to capture these romantic moments. Through my experience, by this time, bride and groom are married, they are relaxed and no further worries about their wedding planning etc. This is the perfect time to have photos of bride and groom as they connect so well and so much in love!

These night portraits required extensive skills and experience to produce. If you are interested in wedding night portrait, we encourage that you speak to us to plan ahead as these wedding night photos can only be produced in certain locations and lighting conditions. 

I suggest all my Adelaide country wedding clients to consider these wedding night photos as they have great chance to get the stars as background of their wedding photos. If your wedding is not in the country and you would like to have night photos, please do not hesitate to speak to us to discuss your needs as we may be able to work something out for you.

If you are after something unique yet different from the usual traditional wedding photos, wedding night portrait is definitely one to consider. Please also check out our "The Extreme Fun" page if you are after something different for some ideas.


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