Dung ♥ Hang | Glen Ewin Estate | Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Dung ♥ Hang | Glen Ewin Estate | Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Dung and Hang's wedding was held at one of the most reputable Adelaide wedding venues, the Glen Ewin Estate. Their wedding started early in the morning with traditional Asian wedding ceremony, followed by ceremony and reception at the Glen Ewin Estate. I like Asian wedding tea ceremony because there is so much emotions and expressions of family and friends. Being an Adelaide wedding photographer, I enjoy photographing weddings of any culture and look for interesting things to capture.

Glen Ewin Estate is a very spacious wedding venue offering a upper and an lower section for two concurrent weddings in a single day. This wedding is taken in the lower section of Glen Ewin Estate. The Pulp shed is within this section can hold more than 200 seated guests.

My wife and I first met Hang earlier this year. She is so lovely and friendly. Our meeting turned into a good 3 hours chat. Hang described how her dress looks like. My wife and I were so excited and can't wait to see her dress. And true enough there was no disappointment at all. Her dress is just beautiful. We just love the colours of the flowers and they compliment her dress and shoes very well. 

This wedding is one of the most beautiful weddings that I have photographed. Being one of best Adelaide wedding photographers, it is my privilege to be part of their wedding. I believe that this is what most Adelaide wedding photographers would be wanting to photograph through their Adelaide wedding photography career.

I would like to also share one of our 4 editing styles through this Adelaide wedding photography blog. 

I have posted images that are edited using our Signature Masterpiece as well as images edited using our Artistic/Vintage style in this blog. Most of the images in this blog are edited using our Artistic/Vintage style. We love our Artistic/Vintage style edit because it just brings out the warmness and happiness of a wedding. We also go through all the photos to choose a style that suit these images and to be called Artistic/Vintage style. All our packages include all 4 editing styles, this enables our clients to receive a great variety of images.

If you would like to know more about our Artistic/Vintage editing style or the other 3 of our editing styles, please feel free to contact us for more info.

Wedding venue: Glen Ewin Estate

Wedding cars: Classic Jags

Wedding cake: Heidleberg Cakes

Jewellery and rings: Everett and Brookes

DJ - DanStar from Dstar Entertainment

Glen Ewin Wedding Photographer :Scott Goh Photography

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