Boxi and Yue | Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding 婚纱摄影

Boxi and Yue | Adelaide Wedding photography 婚纱摄影

阿德莱德 婚纱摄影. 国际奖项获奖摄影师. Professional AIPP. 婚紗攝影

Congratulations to Boxi and Yue on their wedding. I am very honoured to be one of the few preferred wedding suppliers of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. When Boxi and Yue chose me as their wedding photographer, I was really excited to photograph their special day. Their wedding was in May, the trees and plants during this period were just mesmerising, specially the brown red leaves. 婚纱摄影

One of my favourite photography sites is the Adelaide city, as it provides the beautiful gardens as well as amazing architectural buildings in the University of Adelaide campus.

Not every man kneel during their wedding proposal. During the ceremony, Boxi again "proposed" to Yue by kneeling on the ground. I am so touched by it.

Makeup: Coco

Ceremony: Adelaide Botanic Gardens 婚纱摄影

Reception: Citizen Restaurant

For most part of the bridal portrait, Elinchrom Quadra was used to lit up the bridal party. 婚纱摄影

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More photos of the reception to come in the next post.