Professional Lenses for Wedding Photography

Professional Lenses for Wedding Photography

I always have been asked about the lenses for wedding photography. I understand that as any amateur or budget-tight photographer who wants to venture into the wedding industry wants to start their business with the best equipment yet the least amount of capital investment.

In Scott Goh Photography, we believe that quality lenses produces quality images. Any bad quality images can never be turned into a good images. As a Canon user, I highly recommend quality "L" lenses. Nikon or other brands do have equivelant high-end lenses.

Now, back to the question. What lenses for wedding photography? Click here for a list of equipment that I use for my wedding photography.

PS: There is no right and wrong in the lens that you use. It's all about preferences.

1. Knowing Your Style
lenses for wedding photography
lenses for wedding photography

Are you a prime (fixed focal length) or a zoom person? If you are a person who refer zoom lenses and dislike changing of lenses, the  canon 16-35LII, 24-70LII and the 70-200LII will suits you.

prime lenses for wedding photography
prime lenses for wedding photography

If you are a prime person, you have a whole series of prime L lenses option ranging from 17L, 24LII, 35L, 50L, 85LII, 100L, 135L, 200L...

2. Knowing Where you are taking (Space)

Often, amature photographer are unaware that space somehow determine the focal length that you will use. For example, in a bedroom, be expect to be using at least 24mm on full frame camera. 35,  50 and up to 70mm might be the farthest I go in bedroom. In an open field, I use up to 200mm. If you are using a crop-body camera, multiple the focal lenght by 1.6 or 1.3 depend on the camera you have. In short, you need differnt focal length at different part of the wedding. I can't stress enough on this idea of space and focal length relationship.

3. Knowing What you are taking (Object/People)

Knowing what you are taking can determine the lenses that you (may) have to use. Simple, I use a delicated Macro lens 100L for my ring shots and some other detail shots. Focal length of 35 and above tend to have the least distorting. Hence, 85L, 70-200LII and 135L suit portrait photography.

To shop for your new lens, you can shop online via Canon website.

Lastly, if you are keen about starting your wedding photography. Please make sure that you satisfy the requirements mentioned here. You will need backup, insurances, ABN etc..

Hope you enjoy this article.


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