(How To) Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow- Adding Image Slideshow on front page

Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow Tutorial - Adding Image Slideshow on front page. I am a wedding photographer based in South Australia. If you like our article, do "Like" us on Facebook to show some support.

To start off, you need to install the Wordpress Pinboard Theme. This tutorial is about configuring the theme to make the slideshow work for your blog. I learnt how to configure this Pinboard theme to "Add Image Slideshow on front page" from a guy but his webpage is now in "construction" stage. Hence, I like to share the steps involved in getting my blog slideshow page up.

Adding Wordpress Pinboard Slideshow on front page

1. Create a post and put a photo in it. I create a new Category call "Sticky". Tick the box for "Sticky". The size I had in mine is 1140x450pixel. I have no other words nor second image in this single post. Tick the "Make this post sticky". Below is a "Quick Edit" clip of a post. 

2. Next, go to "Appearance" -> "Theme Options" and under "Portfolio Page", select "Sticky". Under "Home Page" (See below), you can exclude portfolio category from main loop by ticking the "Exclude Portfolio".


3. To add more photos into the slide show, you just have to create more post with a photo each and set the Categories to "Sticky".

Note: Title for these sticky posts are left blank. Therefore I do not have the title appearing on the photos. you can try to put some title and see what happen.

Now that you have the basic understanding of how the slideshow works, you should play around with with the tick boxes to find a style that suits your blog.

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Special thanks to Daniel, creator of Wordpress Theme Pinboard for sharing.