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Adelaide Botanic Gardens wedding

The Botanic Gardens of Adelaide offer spectacular wedding ceremony sites. This allows bride and groom to be to have several options when come to choosing their dream garden ceremony location. This interesting wedding venue offer one of the largest garden wedding in Adelaide metropolitan area. A lot of families like to have their picnic and family outing in the gardens. The garden is also a perfect ground for family photos after the weddings.

A unique ceremony can be created with additional furniture and theming that can be coordinated to suit your style and preferences. Fantastic tailored cocktail party and ceremony celebration for your family and friends that will be remembered forever in these truly beautiful Botanic locations.

They also offer an elegant reception at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Restaurant with beautiful food, experienced staff and excellent ambience.

Being an Adelaide Wedding Photographer who has a great experience in photographing weddings across South Australia, this is definitely one of our favourite wedding venues. It offers great photographic opportunities. The huge garden give wedding photographers in Adelaide a vast choice of lenses that can be used for the wedding bridal portrait. Often two hours walking in the gardens for bridal portrait is simply just sufficient. The garden is just next to the University of Adelaide which offers many historical buildings which is great for bridal portrait.

The gardens make beautiful backgrounds all year round with many flowers/plants varieties. On top of the greeneries, the garden has a few interesting structures such as the glass house, water feature,  water fountain,  lotus pond and etc.

The Adelaide botanic gardens restrict the garden to several wedding portrait per day. This ensure that the garden is not over crowded by wedding bridal parties on a single day. 

As professional Wedding Photographers in Adelaide and also the preferred wedding photographers in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, we would highly recommend this beautiful Adelaide wedding venue.

Review by Andrew: “Scott really captured the true beauty of the botanic gardens in our wedding, we highly recommend his photography service. His photos are very natural with combination of both candid and posing photos. Best Wedding Photographer in Adelaide!”

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