Anthony ♥ Rhianna Wedding | Lakes Resort Hotel | Adelaide Wedding Photography

Anthony & Rhianna | Lakes Resort Hotel Wedding| Adelaide Wedding Photography

It has been a pleasure photographing the wedding of Anthony and Rhianna. Being in the photography industry for such a long time, Rhianna and Anthony are surely one of the best couples to work with in the Lakes Resort Hotel, West Lakes, South Australia.

Side note: I love the slow cooked beef! It is so delicious.

Rhianna’s review of the wedding suppliers in her wedding.

Our day has come and gone and what an incredible, amazing, fun and perfect day it was. Absolutely could not have asked for a better wedding we are so blessed and eternally grateful to everyone that had a part to play in our wedding.

Suppliers listed below with details.

  • Venue: The Lakes Hotel Resort, West Lakes. We had both ceremony and reception at The Lakes and it was by far the best decision. Shannon and her team are amazing. The support we received from Shannon was incredible, not an email missed, not a detail forgotten and she went above and beyond for me helping me with details and info to guide me along the way to finding what I was looking for. We arent from Adelaide so lack of knowledge of knowledge for suppliers was limited and I based a lot of my research on recommendations and discussions which helped me greatly with making confident decisions.

    The Lakes provided a lot of our decorations and smaller items for the wedding that was a fantastic extra and saved a lot of stress. All room decorations, wishing well, cake table, knife, dance floor, table numbers, and menus were all supplied by Lakes.

    We also pre booked group booking for rooms for guests and ourselves which made it such a stress free night for everyone because they could just head upstairs at the end of the night.

    Shannon and her team didn’t miss a beat even ensuring I met up with her the day before and on the day of the wedding just to let me know everything was fine and she was happy to assist in any way. Absolutely recommended to anyone and everyone for any function!

  • Nannies: The Nanny Diaries - We hired a conference room at The Lakes and organised the Nannies to babysit all the children attending the wedding including our own until the end of the night. The Nanny Diaries have an amazing booking process they ask for interests and routines and pack toys etc. that the kids are interested in. They also have the nannies touch base with you beforehand so you can talk and ask any questions. We organised beds for kids knowing it would be a late night and everything was perfect and all kids were asleep when they were picked up at the end of the night. It was seamless and myself and the parents of the children from our night are so thankful to the nannies who took amazing care of our children and allowed everyone to have a good night :)

  • Celebrant: Two Tie The Knot (Mel) - BEST celebrant ever! Mel and I hit it off straight away but more than that she doesn’t hold back, Mel tells you everything you need to know and in an open honest way with a ton of laughs. Mel knows exactly what she needs from her brides and grooms and has paperwork to get it all from you, it may seem like a lot but as I now know what Mel creates from those documents is better than you could ever imagine. So many people commented that it was the best ceremony they had ever been to. Mel eased the tension with games (rock paper scissors to decide who read vows first) and even turning the ceremony onto the guests to speak, it was full of love, fun, laughs and everything we could have imagined but better. Our ceremony was perfect and I have no doubt in my mind this was because of Mel and the magic she creates.

  • Photographer: Scott Goh Photography. Pictures tell 1000 words... Scott's photos as seen below are INCREDIBLE! We are absolutely speechless at how stunning our photos are and how lucky we were to have such an amazing photographer. Scott works very hard and very fast and captures everything, every moment you can think "that would make a great photo" Scott has already taken the picture. I love that Scott works with what is around him and if he sees anything that looks good he runs with it and it becomes a masterpiece. Nothing is too hard or too silly for him if you ask he will do everything he can to get that photo for you as well as ensuring he captures everything that he knows will work. Scott is absolutely a very high recommendation.

  • Cinematographer: Cinematic Events - David and his team are professional and absolutely awesome to work with. We were very lucky to win the Love is Love competition with Cinematic and we had Pete and Dominic as our cameramen for the night and they were so much fun. Professional, thorough and discreet everything you could ever want in a cinematographer and great guys to have with us for our day.

David is fantastic. He helped us create a timeline for our day that flowed well and worked for everyone and everything as well as explained in detail what we would expect and require as well as offering support and assistance above and beyond what is required and for this I am so eternally grateful.

The guys worked well together and as a team with Scott to ensure they captured everything and different angles of moments as well as seeing everything else behind the scenes that no one else may have seen! Very excited to see the final product but the service provided was of the highest standard and we are very happy!

  • DJ: DJ Mobile Mike - Mike is unreal! Knows his music, happy to MC and does a wicked job of it. Keeps everyone on the dance floor and creates an incomparable atmosphere that just makes the most amazing happy positive vibe in the room.

Mike makes time for you to discuss what music you like, songs to choose for the main moments of the night and even a list of music that guests, bridal party etc all like to ensure something is played for everyone. Mike was fantastic as keeping everyone updated throughout the night of what was upcoming so no one missed anything or was caught off guard and was just a very special person to have be a part of our night.

  • Florist #1: Lulu Blooms - Lucy created my bridal bouquets, groom/groomsmen/ father of bride/groom pocket flowers and the flower girl crowns. I went to Lucy with a vision.. not much to go with except a photo from google and the requirement that I must have blue orchids and she helped me design beautiful bouquets that not only included my favourite flower but match in with my unusual choice of bridesmaids dress colour. Lucy works hard to provide amazing service to her clients and at an affordable price and she successfully delivered this to me and made my dream come true of having my flower included in my wedding day! :)

  • Florist #2: Wyld Orchids - Lee supplied my centerpieces and the bridal table flower bunch bouquets decorations. Lee also helped me with my orchid dream as I have always wanted the floating candle with the orchids in a vase and Lee didn’t hesitate when I came to her with the query and what was created was above my expectations

They were absolutely stunning and completely finished the elegance of our room. Extremely impressed with the ease of service and the detail of the items supplied!

  • Cake: Quintessential Cakes - Kerri is another supplier that I was amazed with the talent. I once again provided nothing more than a photo from google and asked if it could be created and without any hesitation it was confirmed to be done but more than that, Kerri went one step further and organised to match the bridal side of the cake to my dress and with a photo of my dress designed it so amazingly close in detail it had all the guests talking and me wishing that we didnt have to cut it! The cake was perfect and absolutely divine to eat. Very impressed.

  • Hair and Make Up: The Complete Look (Karen Hedger) - Karen and Carly arrived early on my wedding day and immediately put my bridal party and me at ease. We laughed the whole day and chatted about everything. Karen's attention to detail and care for her brides is shown in everything she does and even after a trial I changed my mind completely on the day and Karen didn’t hesitate at all she was more than happy to make it happen exactly as I wanted. Everything was perfect and I felt like a princess and my bridesmaids looked stunning. Could not have asked for a better person to be there for my day :)

  • Table Name Place Cards: Dizzi Dezines - Recommended from this page I made contact with Dizzi Dezines and with fast responses, quick answers and nothing too hard we soon had an order in for our guests’ names. It was an absolutely incredible service right to the very end. The names were sent for double check before being made, days later they were completed, we had extra names added afterwards and they were cut within days of asking and 2 days out from wedding we had a supplier change and I requested a further name to be done and it was completed only 2 hours after I asked and picked up same day. Names were stunning, had everyone talking and gave a lot of people something to cherish and take home.. even myself being someone who never finds my name on anything. The looked stylish and effective whilst continuing with the beautiful elegant style we had for our night. They offer may styles and colours and were more than happy to help.

  • Ceremony Chairs: SOIE Events - Super quick, very efficient service and happy to assist wherever they can. SOIE helped me decide on a style chair and assisted me even when I had a number change without any issues. Fantastic service and price and stress free as delivery and pick up were organised around me so I didn’t even need to think or worry.

  • Bridesmaids Dresses: For Him and For Her Bridal (Online) - I had a goal to find a colour that would pop against the blue orchids and fell in love with the idea of a sunset orangey/pink colour. I set out in search of a colour in my mind and after several days and thousands of searches I found this colour. Officially known as Sunset Coral or Spiced Coral. Soon after I found that very few places anywhere in the world offer the colour. After several swatch orders and phone calls I settled on this company. Concerned and stressed with minimal reviews and being overseas I was hesitant but unable to be swayed from my choice of colour I finally committed... WOW! I have absolutely 0 regrets and 1000000 recommendations to this company, absolutely underrated and unknown of and this should change. This company answer questions within 24 hours, no matter how big or small, follow up, check in and even ask you to confirm before proceeding with an order. They give you the choice to choose from sizes on site or measure and have your dress made to size, which is what I chose to be sure that they would fit. The quality of their products is as good as any shop I could have bought from locally and the material is gorgeous. The dresses fit beautifully and they even automatically added 2" in length to allow for heels. The colour was better than I could have ever imagined and my bridesmaids who were sure they would hate the dress and colour have all said they will wear them again because its bright and beautiful and very comfortable. I am very happy.

  • Wedding dress: Always and Forever Bridal (Melbourne) - Not being local (based in Alice Springs) there are no wedding shops and I decided if I was going to travel I was going to shop once and shop well so I went to the shopping capital and I found my gown! Always and Forever have impeccable service and make you feel like a million dollars. Happy to assist where they can and have a huge range of dresses available for all budgets.

  • Bridal Robes and Veil: Wish (online) - Unsure if I wanted a veil and knowing I didn’t want to spend much on robes that would only be worn for a few minutes for a photo I went onto Wish and found some beautiful bright coloured robes with the font. I wanted a long veil that circled my dress and was long enough to throw for photos and wish had this beautiful simple one available and it was perfect for my day :)

  • Groom/Groomsmen Suits and Shoes: Jozef Uzumancu - We walked into the shop on a quick trip to Adelaide a few months before our wedding and were immediately swept off our feet. The service on this store is above anything I've ever come across. You are made to feel important and special no matter what and they seriously know their stuff! My Fiancé was looked at for no more than 2 minutes and dressed within 10 in an entire suit that fitted perfectly without a single measuring tape near him. Jozef assisted us in finding perfect colours that complemented our day by reviewing photos of venue, colours and my dress and he was so right with his idea of what would work. No matter how often you go in there you are spoken to like a friend and they treat you with incredible respect. The quality of the suits and shoes are amazing and were noted as super comfortable.

  • Flower Girl Dresses: Ollie's Place (Oldest daughter), Maverick's Menswear (Alice Springs) (Youngest) - I hunted for simple beautiful dresses for the girls and found the gorgeous dress at Ollie's but wasn't able to source the same in a smaller size or anything that was similar and was lucky enough to find the gorgeous little dress locally in Alice a few weeks before the wedding for our youngest daughter.

  • Shoes: David Jones (Bride), Spendless (Bridesmaids).

  • Rings: Michael Hill - Engagement and Wedding Ring were purchased 6 years ago together as a non-matching set as they looked beautiful together while telling their own story. Hubby's wedding ring purchased this year also from Michael Hill.

  • Invitations and Sign: Vistaprint - We found that vistaprint allow you to adjust colour options on templates and therefore we were able to incorporate my sunset coral colour into our stationary, which kept the theme. Great price, fast delivery and quality is outstanding.

lakes resort hotel wedding photo

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Jack ♥ Jasmine Wedding | Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding | Ayers House Adelaide Wedding Photography

Jack and Jasmine Wedding | Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding | Ayers House Adelaide Wedding Photography

It was wonderful to be a part of Jack and Jasmine Wedding ceremony. The couple was truly stunning and it was quite easier to work with this best couple. Jack and Jasmine made one of the nicest, funniest and most charming couple that we have met ever in our entire time. They are fun-loving and lovely persons who helped us to capture every moment more beautifully. Firstly, we congratulate this amazing couple for the beginning of a new life and wish them more love, happiness, and luck. Jack and Jasmine Wedding were one of the most amazing events we have covered because they were an easy couple to manage the things, pose and props with them. The entire gathering of Jack and Jasmine's wedding was well-behaved and cooperative which makes it easier for us to cover the entire wedding party more beautifully and peacefully.   

An amazing Adelaide Botanic Garden Wedding event 

Well, Jack and Jasmine chose Adelaide Botanic Garden a perfect and more natural wedding venue to make their special day more special. This gorgeous venue offered us an amazing variety of locations to manage the best Adelaide Wedding Photography session with ease. Being a professional Adelaide Wedding Photographer, I was prepared with some of my best ideas to shoot this beautiful location in the best possible way. However, it was amazing to click the photos of these two mesmerizing and gorgeous lovebirds. 

This was the time when Wisteria was fully bloomed and giving the Adelaide Botanic Garden a breathtaking view. We took benefit of the beauty of the bloomed Wisteria and click magical moments of the brides and groom here too which will, without doubt, are going to create the best memories for Jack and Jasmine which they can celebrate throughout their lives. 

Ceremony Preparation 

Before the beginning of the actual wedding ceremony, we packed our essentials and reached to the bridal side to capture getting ready moments. The things there were arranged beautifully and Jasmine was looking stunning in her beautiful wedding gown embellished with neck net and beautiful silk detailing.

Well, we finally reached the venue Adelaide Botanic Garden with our couple for an outdoor wedding shoot which was featuring Jasmine and her bridesmaids who were enjoying themselves in the beautiful environment. We also focused to capture the shoes and dress details of the bride and bridesmaids because all of them were finally in their dress theme for the evening. The dress theme of the bridesmaids and bride made our photography easier because they all were looking gorgeous. 

Well, on the other side the groom and groomsmen were also well-prepared to have fun at the wedding of their buddy. We clicked some interesting and fun moments of the groom with the groomsmen who were equally prepared and looking dashing in their beautiful suits. After taking pictures of the groom and bride along with their friends we decided to go for the couple photo shoot. For this, we already had decided different locations that truly had the ability to create the pictures beyond perfection. We used every part of the Adelaide Botanic Garden including bloomed Wisteria, fountains, lush green locations and much more to create a perfect album. 

Ayers House: A perfect Reception location 

While the reception turned into a more interesting event because it was held at the mesmerizing Ayers house wedding. Ayers House is so beautiful, which can easily cast a magic spell with its beautiful interior, perfect color combinations and yes, of course, with its peace. 

The beauty of Ayers house not only made the entry of the couple the best but also created a beautiful moment, which made everyone wonder. This was certainly the best venue that someone can choose to make their wedding more memorable with ease. It is because every little detail of this beautiful venue is perfectly picturesque from the beautiful lanterns to the perfect flower arrangement, table decorations, and lavish curtains that were draped to the floor. Without this beautiful arrangement, the wedding could not be as great as it was. 

The entire wedding ceremony was so cheerful including the dress code which the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We love the colors they chosen to make things fresher and more beautiful. In our complete wedding photography, we worked hard to utilize the entire beauty of both wedding venues in the best possible way. We also capture the real emotions of the people who were there to give blessings to the beautiful couple. Everyone there was very happy there. I love the table arrangements more and captured them too.  

We love to create awesome memories for you

We do not only believe that sustainability is important but we also live it in a perfect way. We are covering the entire magic of the natural beauty around us without harming anything around us. We are passionate about our work therefore, come in the list of the best Adelaide Wedding Photographer with ease. The attention we are paying to the details of every wedding ceremony is truly unbeatable. It is because we believe that capturing each and every detail of the special day ceremony can make things more memorable not only for the couple but also for the people who participated in the event. We always work to make the once in the lifetime events of our clients the most memorable ones in the best possible way. The energy of our entire team from the photographers to editors and managers is contagious. 

Our clients always prefer to manage a quick meet and greet to check our work in real and there is no single time when we became unsuccessful to inspire our visitors with the magic; we are creating in every wedding ceremony. Our quality of work, photography, editing, passion, and dedication is the key to our success. We work with heart and utilize our entire energy to bring the best for our customers in a more effective way. 

Photography slideshow of Jack and Jasmine wedding in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Ayers house.
Adelaide Botanic Gardens photo wedding 0001.jpg

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Blake ♥ Suzanne | Ayers House| Adelaide Wedding Photography

Blake and Suzanne (Suzi) | Ayers House| Adelaide Wedding Photography

Our heartiest congratulations go out to Blake and Suzi, who chose the perfect wedding venue Adelaide wedding photographers could ask for in the form of the regal Ayers House. The marvellous exteriors and interiors of Ayers House, combined with the lovely colour palettes highlighted in the dresses worn by the bride and bridesmaids, made the event a photography feast for us. Needless to say, we were ecstatic to cover the wedding! 

Ayers House- The Adelaide Wedding Venue for the Ceremony and Reception

To say that Ayers House had cast a magical spell on us would be the understatement of the century. As the couple took their vows against the backdrop of gigantic, lavish curtains draping to the floor- the moment had everyone in the room transported to the ending of some chick-flick movie, where the couple everyone was rooting for finally gets together in the end. 

In retrospect, there could not have been a wedding venue more perfect than the beautiful Ayers House for Blake and Suzi’s wedding to take place in. Each little detail was so picturesque, from the lovely flower arrangements put together by The Rose and Radish to the intricate frill work on Bride’s dress (courtesy of Jenny & Gerry's Bridal Centre and Sonia), each subtle element had us relishing in what can only be called every photographer’s heaven. 

But let’s be honest over here, the wedding wouldn’t be as great as it was if Mother Nature wasn’t especially kind to the happy couple (and us) on their wedding day. With gorgeous shades of lilacs and pinks encapsulating the sky and the surroundings around us- each and everyone had been swept straight off our feet with the beauty that was presented before us. 

Preparing for the Ceremony

Before the actual ceremony started, we picked up our gear and rushed to the Bride’s place to photograph the ‘getting ready’ process. However, upon our arrival, we were quite shocked to see the bride, Suzi, chilling on the couch in her PJ’s, albeit with her makeup and hair immaculately done (courtesy of the lovely Elise Cook and Amber Nicole respectively), and looking very much like a sight for sore eyes. 

With the bride wearing a lovely crème coloured silk cover-up over her PJ’s, with the words “Mrs.” embossed on the back, accompanied by her bridesmaids with similar grey coverups, bearing the word “Always.” We took a couple of pictures against the backdrop of a coral-bricked wall which made the colours of their gowns, and the intricate braids woven into their hair pop even more.

After we had finally settled into our element, we took a couple of outdoor photographs which features Suzi and her bridesmaids enjoying themselves in the beautiful Adelaide weather, our focus shifted to capturing the bride and her bridesmaids, now finally in their dresses for the evening. 

The gorgeous dress worn by Suzi, combined with the beautiful azure dresses that the bridesmaids wore made for some incredibly gorgeous pictures and made our job as photographers a piece of cake. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the groom and the groomsmen were having a swell time as they got dressed for the wedding ceremony, with suits from InStitchu and Peter Shearer respectively. 

After the preparations had come to an end for both parties, we scurried on over to the beautiful and venue- Ayers House, which stood tall, waiting for the wedding festivities to commence! 

The Wedding Ceremony

 When we arrived at the beautiful and grandiose Ayers House, the bride and groom stepped out of their cars, and we carried on with our picture taking. The moment that the guests had caught on about the happy couple’s arrival- the air seemed to be filled with what could only be defined as raw emotion. Most people usually refer to that emotion as love. Regardless of what you call ‘it,’ there’s no denying the bucketloads of love encapsulating Ayers House on the wedding day. 

After Blake and Suzi had taken their vows and loved ones had given their speeches (which resulted in some teary eyes), it was time to party. And party, we did. With a beautiful dance floor covered in Fairy Lights, courtesy of JP light and sound, we took some splendid pictures as well. 

Looking back at Blake and Suzi’s wedding now, my heart fills with joy at the fond remembrance of this couple so head over heels in love with each other! An added benefit was the beautiful visuals we got to capture, and pictures that will bring a smile to the couples’ faces for eternities to come! 

Wedding Tips from Suzanne and Blake

What do you think are the best part of the wedding?

Suzi: Being able to say “I do” in front of all our nearest and dearest was a surreal and incredible experience. Also, locking eyes for the first time when entering the many emotions!

Tips for future Brides

Suzi: Take it all in! I don’t know how many times I was told that by other brides and I was really able to stop and just appreciate everything about our day and everything happening around us. Being able to share that with the person you love most in the world is priceless.

Other things you love to share

Suzi: There are lots of ways to save money when it comes to weddings but photography is something you want to get right - it’s the only thing that you get to keep after the day (other than your new husband/wife)! We had so much fun with our photographer on our wedding day and that translated into the photos. They are beautiful and we are so grateful we chose the Scott Goh Photography team to capture our day.

Adelaide university wedding photo
Ayers house wedding bride and groom alone
Adelaide Himeji Garden wedding
Himeji Garden Adelaide Wedding photography
bridal party fun wedding photos university of Adelaide

Andrew ♥ Heather | Pike and Joyce | Adelaide Hills Photography

Andrew ♥ Heather | Pike and Joyce | Adelaide Hills Photography

The regal wedding of Andrew and Heather, which took place at Pike and Joyce at Adelaide Hills had us swept off our feet. The rolling green hills, which Pike and Joyce is famous for, made for the perfect backdrop, captivating the Adelaide Hills wedding photographers.

Nic ♥ Felicie | St Peters College | Sebel Playford | Asian Wedding Photographer

Nic ♥ Felicie | St Peters College | Sebel Playford | Asian Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Nic and Felicie!!! Their wedding took place at St Peters College and Sebel Playford. The weather was just perfect. Being Adelaide wedding photographer for many years now, we have been to many wedding venues in Adelaide. These two venues are just awesome. They are centralised and convenient for guests too.

Nic ♥ Sharnae | Barossa Chateau Adelaide

Nic ♥ Sharnae | Barossa Chateau Adelaide

It was great to be part of this awesome wedding last weekend. It was held at the Barossa Chateau. This beautiful venue is just full photo opportunities, both indoor and outdoor. We would like to thank Sharnae and Nic for giving us the opportunity to be part of their special day as well as entrusted us in capturing their precious moments. They are such wonderful people and great to work with.