Josh ♥ Simone | Windy Point Wedding Adelaide

Josh ♥ Simone | Windy Point Wedding Adelaide

Josh and Simone tied their knot in one of the highest peaks in Adelaide, the Windy Point Restaurant & Cafe. I love photographing their wedding as it's not something that I encountered in every wedding here in Australia, such as the visit to grandma, the first look etc. Windy Point Wedding

Visit to Grandma

Straight after Simone's prep photos, we went to visit her grandmother whose in a nursing home. I love the idea of the visit very much. Awesome!

The First Look

On their wedding day, Josh and Simone had their "First Look" before their ceremony. The First Look is very common in the U.S. The couple met up before the wedding ceremony. Josh back face Simone while she walked behind him and gave him a hug. Josh turned around and see her beautiful bride in her dress for the first time.

Windy Point Wedding Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Photography in Windy Point is indeed very challenging due to the amount of light present in the evening/night. Its close to darkness with a single light source from the ceiling. My bare eyes were hunting to see when i switched from looking at something bright to dark. Overall, I love the mood that it gave for wedding, very romantic. I understand that if I can't focus or photograph, nothing in the world will be able to do it. I've switched to full prime lenses. Canon 1Dx with 85LII. 5D3 with 24LII and another 5D3 with 35L. Light it up? I tried to fire my Elinchrom Quadra. It just kills the mood of the environment hence i don't use it. Speedlite? Yes, i had the 600ex-rt on my 35L.

Wedding Suppliers

Here is a list of the wedding suppliers for their wedding.

  • Dress - St Partick
  • Hair - Kelle in Total Hair
  • Makeup - Luminous by Danielle
  • Cake - Nikki Langhan
  • Rings - Shiels
  • Invites - RL Graphics
  • Wedding Cars - Josh & Simone's own classics