Tung + Anna | Asian Wedding Photographers (Wedding Ceremony)

Tung + Anna | Asian Wedding Photographers (Wedding Ceremony)

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Here's the Part 2 of Tung and Anna's wedding ceremony photographs. The edits from this session is unlike the previous Tea Ceremony. This is our standard colours. Photos are all post processed and edited. Part 1 can be seen here. wedding ceremony

Anna's wedding gown preparation was in a pretty tight-spaced. I am pretty pleased with the ability to capture her expression from the reflection off the mirror in the room.

The ceremony is held outside Himeiji Garden on South Terrace, Adelaide.

After their formal wedding ceremony, lots of balloons are released. Are you able to guess the correct number of balloons? We do have an air permit to release these much balloons into the air and these aren't the normal balloons. :)

Next section - Reception (Stay tune)

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Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony