(How To) Canon 600EX-RT - tips, control off camera flash with 2 camera

(How To) Canon 600EX-RT - tips, control off camera flash with 2 camera

As a adelaide wedding photographer, I always have 2 camera with me. On with a wide angle lens and the other with the longer focal length lens. With the recent release of the canon 600ex-rt, it brings my photography into the next stage.

Before the canon 600ex-rt, I rarely fire on-camera flash. Now, with the ability to ETTL with these 600EX-RT. I love using these units. I own one ST-E3 (radio trigger) and two 600EX-RT. I stick the ST-E3 on 1 camera body, one canon 600ex-rt on another camera. and placing the other 600ex-rt anywhere I like.

Control 1 or more Off-Camera Flash (OCF) with 2 camera

The Trick I found: To fire the Off-Camera-Flash (OCF) from the 2 camera, here's the setting.

- Manually set the radio frequency.

Of course, the ST-E3 and the canon 600ex-rt (on the camera) have to be set to "master" and the flash unit to "slave". I only have "green" light on the LED on one of the ST-E3(left), the other LED is orange but it still fire the OCF.canon 600ex-rt flash

Risk, there is always this chance that someone who are attending the wedding/nearby has the wireless trigger and also set the same radio frequency as well.

I am yet to experiences an error or issue with firing the flash from 2 camera. I tend to keep the setting on both triggers similar -ETTL. I am pretty sure that if you have 3 master triggers, you should be able to fire the single OCF. Likewise, this setup should also work for more than 1 OCF.

Do let the flash unit to rest - prevent overheating. Bring some spare batteries and enjoy the pace of a wedding photographer.

Invest in a pair of the canon 600ex-rt.

Using the canon 600 ex-rt to remotely fire/trigger a camera.

- Press and hold the Mode button until the LCD turns into a "Linked shot". see below. The master controls the flash. That's this easy!

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Scott Goh

Professional Member of the AIPP, WPJA and AIPP