Mark and Sarah | Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Mark and Sarah | Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Mark and Sarah... Adelaide Wedding Photographer

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A year+ ago, I recalled meeting Mark and Sarah in Adelaide Central Market Cibo cafe. It's has been a while since I caught up with them. I am very excited to be part of this beautiful moments.

This is one of the most emotional weddings that I'm in. Lots of emotions around.

Mark and Sarah is one of the easiest to guide couples that I have work with. Giving them simple instructions made the work perfect.

The food in the reception is excellent. Below is the list of suppliers used.

Dress – Cinderella Bridal

Suit: Jenny & Gerry’s

Flowers – Blooming Bridal

Cake – A Sinful of Sugar

Hair – Aleesha O’Reilly

Makeup: Elizabeth Cuthbertson

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Rings – Bell & Brunt

DJ – Steve Russell

Video – Niche Motion

Wedding cars – Renaissance Limo’s

Lesson for the photographer : Something funny happened to me... While I was taking photos of the groom's prep, I torn/split my pant... lol. very funny indeed. Well, I always mentioned that I have backup equipment etc... but I did not have a spare pants with me. After that day, I always have a spare set of clothes with me. Special thanks to CJ for the spare pants. Without you, I don't think I were able to go through the day this easy. :P

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Blessing to the new couple.

Scott Goh |Adelaide Wedding Photography