Signature Masterpiece

The Signature Masterpiece is one of our most popular Adelaide wedding photography edit. We pay attention to the correct lighting, posing and techniques. In post processing, our Adelaide wedding photographers team uses professional wedding photography software to enhance the images. This Signature Masterpiece edit is exclusive to Scott Goh Photography (One of the best leading Adelaide wedding photographers)

Adelaide Wedding Photographer

Video - Before and After

Above video is an example of our Signature Masterpiece Edit. The differences have been clearly shown by the before and after image. Only the best Adelaide Wedding Photographers  has such unique edit that just brought out the best of this image. View in Youtube for the HD version.


One of our Adelaide wedding photography speciality is definitely photos of the RINGS. We appreciate the significance of these rings and therefore strive to produce such beautiful images of them.


Another unique speciality that we offer is definitely images of the BRIDE. We believe that every woman is beautiful in their own ways, especially on their wedding day. Our Adelaide wedding photographers are experienced in posing and will provide advice if you need them.