We first fell in love with Scott’s ability to capture a moment, we had no idea that he would also be one of the nicest men you have ever met. It was an absolute pleasure to share our big day with him and the photos are spectacular!
— Daniel and Cate

Brilliant photography. Easy to work with. Highly recommend Scott Goh.
— David and Annette

Amazing Amazing Amazing!!! I cannot recommend Scott Goh more! The service is amazing! From pre-wedding consultations all the way to receiving the photos. He actually made the day fun with his jokes and persona. I had to tell him to go home at midnight! The photos (and the slideshow) were amazing! We have received so many comments about them. We are so happy with Scott!! :)
— Raul and Diana

Fantastic photographs! Very professional and honest. Very passionate and has original and interesting photo ideas. Prompt and reliable. Definitely recommend him!!
— Adrian and Nina

Amazing!!! Scott is so professional and friendly. He has a great eye for getting the right candid shots. He doesn’t get in the way and doesnt boss you around. We got all of our digital wedding photos within weeks after our wedding! The highest quality, elegant photos. Amazing work!
— Mark and Sarah

Scott and his wife Sarah were amazing all day and throughout the reception. Scott was fantastic at taking natural photos that didn’t look cheesy or staged and helped make our wedding fun, enjoyable and never a chore. The results have been amazing. Could not be happier with Scott’s efforts.
— Warren and Emma

Our amazing photographer Scott! We could not be happier with him, a great photographer who gave us stunning images and moments to remember the day but also a great person with fantastic sense of humor making the experience a real joy for both Elaine and myself! Thank you Scott!
— Robin and Elaine
waterfall gully

bride and groom in adelaide hills
Fantastic Photographer, put my wife and I at ease and the quality of the pictures was sensational.
— Sam and Glenys

We had our engagement photo’s done with someone else....terrible outcome so I frantically had to find someone for our wedding... After weeks of searching the internet and meeting different people we decided to go with Scott.......... We had an excellent time doing the pre-shoot...Scott stayed that little bit longer with us just to get things right. On the Wedding Day Scott was very professional, he was very attentive of details important to our ceremony and customs The results were fantastic and we are very happy.... I really liked how the photo’s were so natural yet so refined...... Other family memebrs and friends have since seen scott and were also very happy.......... Keep up the good work Scott !!!!!
— Van and Thu
bride and groom in adelaide beach jetty

bride and groom in botanic gardens
Loved to work with Scott! Highly recommended. The day went very smoothly with our big day. Photos are amazing which we absolutely adore.
— Julian and Su

We chose Scott as our wedding photographer after reading lots of online reviews and looking at photos. When we met with Scott, we could see what a nice person he was, very down to earth, polite and professional, but also very personal and easy to talk to. We loved having him around on our wedding day, and he took some amazing pictures that we will treasure forever. He even went out of his way to do some extra photoshopping work that we requested, even though it was a big job, he delighted in the challenge, and the result was incredible. Thanks Scott! Next time we need a photographer, we will be pleased to have Scott again!
— David and Marian
bride and groom in South Australia state library

bride and groom in adelaide hills botanical gardens
It should first be said that, when we enlisted Scott’s help back in 2013, he was still working a normal day job and photography was ‘just’ his hobby side-venture. So from the get go I can say with conviction that he was most certainly and unequivocally passionate about photography. You may then appreciate that once photography became his day job, his passion and amazing natural talent rapidly transformed into a flood of recognition, accreditation and awards! Scott is incredibly professional and talented, but also supremely friendly and easy-going, character traits that we could see from our first meeting in Cibo right up until this day. He is truly gifted with photographic direction and a naturally creative instinct, the results of which are our beautiful wedding pictures that exceeded all our expectations. He has the nous and knack to spot amazing shots – in advising and directing on what would make a great photo; jumping on the opportunities as they presented themselves; and even anticipating the shots and events before they happened. At one point in our wedding he even dived onto the ground ahead of the bridal party to seize the angle and shot of the moment – while he was fully dressed in shirt and slacks mind you! As for work ethic, Scott is incredibly generous, hard-working and pays great attention to detail and his work. During our wedding he frequently and swiftly coordinated with his offsider Federico to ensure that all the best angles and crucial moments would be captured between the two of them. His attention to detail also prevailed when it came to processing the many pictures he snapped during our long and joyous day. Picking just twenty photos for our album from the over 1000 beautiful photos was one of the longest and most arduous activities my wife and I had undertaken as they were all so wonderful! One thing that we did not realise until our wedding day, is that you spend as much time with your photographer as you do your own bridal party. So beyond their photography skills, it pays untold dividends to have someone you get along with and who actually contributes positively to the mood and stresses of the day. To this end, Scott is most definitely a wedding asset, as opposed to someone you have to worry about and coordinate during your already very busy day. He was incredibly well organised, always calm and collected, and provided sound advice through the day on not only photographic direction, but also handling wedding events and mishaps! I might also add at this point he can speak several Asian languages, is knowledgeable in Asian wedding protocol and is excellent at crowd control – all three of which are invaluable for those of you embarking upon an Asian wedding! We chanced upon Scott Goh in finding a photographer for our wedding, and we got lucky big-time, as he was everything you want in a photographer: professional, talented, well-organised, friendly, hard-working, generous, supportive, calm and collected, energetic and versatile, knowledgeable (and also for us, skilled in dealing with Asian families and weddings!). We have the most amazing and beautiful photos of our wedding from Scott – and this was when photography was his side-venture with limited tools! I can only imagine what he is now capable of, now that he can devote his daytime to his craft, and I am sure he has picked up a few new toys as well! Thankyou again Scott, for helping us remember our day through your photos, but also in making our day memorable through your actions.
— Kindest regards, Jon & Meeing

Oh thank you so much Scott, even more amazing photos on there! I can’t wait to get the chance to look at them all on a bigger screen (phone just isn’t cutting it)! I know I’ve said it before but once again thank you for everything on our wedding day. You and your wife were so easy to work with and just lovely people all round! We’ve had more than one person comment on how great you guys were - not just the finished photos but the way you conducted yourself on the day getting people involved while managing to stay out of everyone’s way. So once more thank you, if you ever need any recommendations please let me know because I can’t sing your praises loud enough or often enough =)
— Cassie and Tim

Thank you so much for our photos Scott, they are absolutely beautiful! :-)
— Geoff and Eliza

Hi Scott, We received the photos yesterday. Thank you very much! They look amazing. The photos look so beautiful! The day was so magical and perfect. Thank you for sharing it with us and capturing those special moments! :)
— Aaron and Kathleen

Thank you so much Scott, the photos are amazing. It was a pleasure having you as part of our special day.
— Paul and Melanie

Amazing Photos of our Wedding.
— Tom and Natalie

We just looked at the pictures ..... WOW you did an AMAZING job thank you so much
— Nathan and Krystle