Wedding Night Portrait Photography

Night photography is often the most challenging aspect of photography. The art of combining wedding portrait and the night sky create the most special portrait. Night photography does not only limit to the sky, we have clients who use fairy lights, candles, sparkles and what ever you can think of to produce an effective image! Wedding night portrait photography is becoming more and more popular especially when your wedding day is very busy and do not have much time between the wedding ceremony and the start of the wedding reception.

My clients often tell me that they would like to go and get some fresh air or have a relaxing time together during the reception. I often use this opportunity to capture these romantic moments. Through my experience, by this time, bride and groom are married, they are relaxed and no further worries about their wedding planning etc. This is the perfect time to have photos of bride and groom as they connect so well and so much in love!

These night portraits required extensive skills and experience to produce. If you are interested in wedding night portrait, we encourage that you speak to us to plan ahead as these wedding night photos can only be produced in certain locations and lighting conditions. 

I suggest all my Adelaide country wedding clients to consider these wedding night photos as they have great chance to get the stars as background of their wedding photos. If your wedding is not in the country and you would like to have night photos, please do not hesitate to speak to us to discuss your needs as we may be able to work something out for you.

If you are after something unique yet different from the usual traditional wedding photos, wedding night portrait is definitely one to consider. Please also check out our "The Extreme Fun" page if you are after something different for some ideas.