Monarto Zoo

I have been in Adelaide for more than 10 years. But this is my first trip to the Monarto Zoo. Its highly recommended. We were there from 11am-4pm. We can either walk/hike or hop on to the bus and see the animals. I was in fact very surprised how well and detailed the photos turn out to be, given the distance we were with the animals. Most of the time, we were in the bus, with a glass of the bus in between us and the animals. Zoomed in from the photos show great details. Thumbs up to the zoo for keeping the glass of the buses clean.

Below: Young cheetah cub Kwatile, born at Monarto Zoo, is now five months old. Its the current icon of the zoo. I wish i was there when Kwatile was younger.

Our fun started at the entrance.

Below: Meerkat. Very active.

The bus tour started with the peaceful herbivore animals.

Below: Mongolian horse. These are wild and can never be tamed

Below: Bisons - these animals were too far away to even see what they look like. I have to zoom in from these photos to see clearly how they looks like. They can charge at you hence, keep the good distance.

Below: Chapman zebra. They too have a baby zebra in their family.

Below: They call this the black Rhino but I cant tell why its call black as its no different from the others.

Below: White magpie. Our driver said he's a bird expert and he said this bird is rare.

Below: Indian Antelope. Look closer at the ear. They are all tagged.


Below: This series, the Giraffes are one of the most fantastic animal on earth.

Below: The Eland. They stay with the Giraffes and Ostriches.


Below: Chital deers. "Bambi" from the movie.

Below: Ostrich. They are different from Emu. I think they look better. I was told that their eyes are larger than their brain and their toe can cut like a penknife.

Below: We took the courage and broke into the Closed Track and meet the carnivorous animals. Tigers and Cheetahs, here we come!

Greeted by one of the animal that rules the park.

Below: Sadly, the males are seperated from the females. The males need to show that they are strong and fit to mate before being release to the females.

Below: Meet Kwatile. She is the reason for our trip. Totally love it.


Below: Next stop, meet our baby rhino with mummy. Love this photo as it portrays mother's love..

Below: Some art display at the bus stop.

Below: Our final stop before we head home.

Below: We are able to meet baby chimp and family. It was quite disturbing to see these chimps that act and behave just like humans.

We will be back! Thank you Monarto Zoo for such a wonderful experiences.